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Assistive Technology Update - A fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts

Jul 20, 2012

Your weekly dose  of information that keeps you up to date on the latest developments in the field of technology designed to assist people with disabilities and special needs.

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Cat Bouwkamp, Paralympic Fencer going to London 2012 (Twitter: @CatBouwkamp | US Fencing Team)

Sneak Peek at Jaws 14 | Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians

3 Helpful guides from Applevis

1. VoiceOver Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X:

2. VoiceOver Gestures for use with a Multi-Touch Trackpad on Mac OS X:

3. A Guide to Making the Switch from Using a Windows Screen Reader to VoiceOver on a Mac:

Deque Systems Announces Breakthrough Approach to Web Accessibility - MarketWatch

V-Draw Allows People with Mobility Disabilities to Create Digital Art on a Computer » Indiana Assistive Technology Blog

New HumanWare iPhone app will get deaf-blind and sighted people talking

Universal Design and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) - eTopics

Umbrella today:

Quick Tip: iPhone LED Flash Alerts | iSource

Google+ Hangouts Add New Accessibility Feature: Live Closed Captioning (Video)

Learning Ally App now free:


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