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Assistive Technology Update - A fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts

Dec 6, 2013

Your weekly dose  of information that keeps you up to date on the latest developments in the field of technology designed to assist people with disabilities and special needs.

Show Notes:

Scott Fogo, Nikol Prieto, Wendy Miers, and Wade Wingler discuss holiday memories, traditions, and many assistive technology gift ideas:

Amazon Prime Gift Membership  $79.00
iPad Air  $495.00
Other tablets to consider  varies
No Bend Pet Bowl - Large  $18.95
Pets Talk Collar - Small, 11.5 - 16 inches  $19.95,-11-5---16-inches.html
Ball Launchers  Varies
Nest Learning Thermostat  $250.00
Kelvin Voice Interactive Talking Thermostat  $59.95
Tangle Relax Therapy  $4.95
Mozart Magic Cube  $29.95
A400 Amplified Talking Cordless Phone  $129.95
CapTel (Captioned Telephone)  Varies/Free
Vibrating Rechargeable Travel Clock  $29.95
Silent Call Watch and Charger Docking Station  $284.00
Super Ear Plus - Personal Sound Amplifier  $64.95