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Assistive Technology Update - A fast-paced weekly update for AT professionals and enthusiasts

May 4, 2012

Your weekly dose  of information that keeps you up to date on the latest developments in the field of technology designed to assist people with disabilities and special needs.

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Joe Steinkamp (

INDATA Project Content Suvey:

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

FCTD | Assistive Technology Powerpoints

21 Preconference Workshops | Closing The Gap

App Store - SoundingBoard

Toys for Visual Impairment

Paralyzed Patients Move Vicariously Through Mind-Controlled Robot

Is augmentative communication obvious to the uninformed? | Autism Community

Windows 8 will be more accessible to those with disabilities | Microsoft - CNET News

AD/HD in Your Classroom: 10 Tips for Teachers

Cool Tools: Tapi Drinking Fountain


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